Get to know us! 

Hiya ticketers! Thought we would introduce ourselves a little bit, if you have any questions about our experience/travels leave a comment, we would love to chat to a few of you 🙂 

 I’m Ell, a 23 year old former bakers assistant who was fed up with the same shit everyday and getting up at 4 am haha! I went to America on my own in 2015 and that is where it all started for me. I caught it. The TRAVEL BUG. !! When I got home and went into the post holiday depression my sister ordered a few holiday brochures and that is where our next travel adventure started…

Im Mel, a 20 year old former retail assistant. I was between working and studying when I decided I wanted to pack it all up and TRAVEL THE WORLD! I hadn’t been away from home before so I kinda jumped  into the deep end and have now been on the road for 10 months! We booked our selves a one way ticket to the other side of the world and haven’t looked back since!

We love taking photos, meeting new people and exploring new cultures and places. We don’t always agree on everything so I’m sure you will hear about this in our blog haha! 

I hope that following our blog you get some inspiration and courage out of it to go out there and do what makes you happy! 

Buy the ticket!

Mel & Ell x


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