Our top 5 essentials for travelling! 

Since we have been on the road for 10 months now we have come to know a few things you need and don’t need whilst travelling. No one likes lugging to much crap around with them!! This list isn’t essentials like undies and shampoo but things that we highly recommend you make room for to make your life a little easier while on the road.


Why is this essential you ask?! Well why not right? Everybody loves to blast there fave song of the moment or an old classic from the early 2000’s, you can have a mini party literally anywhere at anytime! From chill out time to music on the beach or even when your getting ready to go out for the day in your hotel room, regardless it puts everyone in a great mood and people will thank you for it! You can grab Bluetooth speakers in small compactable sizes for hand luggage, and some brands last for days without needing a charge. Chuck one in your bag right now! 


This stuff is brilliant! Great for getting your days adventure off your face! It’s light, gentle on sensitive skin and doesn’t clog pores. This stuff only needs a bit of cotton wool and away you go. It’s only around a few dollars and better yet, you can get travel size ones too! Highly reccomend!


If you’re someone who drinks water like a camel, especially while exploring hot countries, then you don’t want to always be buying drinks while out and about, that gets expensive (trust us!) So make sure you always have a bottle in your backpack or handbag, and make sure it’s sturdy like a hard plastic or metal because you don’t want to discover that everything in your backpack is soaked, NOT FUN! 


Now this is far more important than you think and is something that probably never crossed your mind while packing for your travels, we certainly didn’t! This little gem was presented to us by a family friend and we can’t thank them enough for all the times it has saved us. There will be times while backpacking the globe where you will be in a foreign country with no clue where the nearest laundromat is, and the hostel has just told you that the washing machine is currently out of order, SHIT! This little baby will save your ass as you stand over your bathroom sink washing your underwear and clothes for tomorrow. NEVER TURN YOUR UNDIES INSIDE OUT EVER AGAIN!


Essential!! Now this one is pretty obvious but if your anything like us and have a problem with  over packing for all the occasion you might come across, then listen up. A good pair of walking shoes is key. If you think your going to be doing a lot of walking while sightseeing, multiply that by 50 and that’s about right. There’s a limited amount of space in your suitcase so finding a pair of trainers that can swap from daytimes’ endless exploring, to an evening dinner is great. Stylish but comfy!!

We hope you have found our little list of must have essentials helpful for your adventures and makes deciding what to pack a bit easier. 

Buy the ticket! 

Mel & Ell x


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